Blue Spotted Salamanders

Description: Relatively small and slender member of the genus, usually not exceeding 5 ½” in length. It gets its name from the blue or whitish flecks and blotches

Jefferson Salamander (Ambystoma jeffersonianum) Average Length: 4.5 – 7 in. (10.7 – 18 cm) Virginia Wildlife Action Plan Rating: Tier IV. Mabee’s Salamander

WHAT ARE SALAMANDERS AND NEWTS ? Salamander is a common name for the order of Caudata which includes 9 families, of which 8 are found in North America.

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Despite being fairly large and having an extremely broad range, the spotted salamander is actually pretty hard to, well, spot. Range and Habitat They can reach 9

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These maps illustrate the general historic range of indigenous and alien salamanders in California. Red, or another color indicated below the map, shows this

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Description: A large (up to 8”) stout-bodied salamander with a dark ground color and two irregular rows of yellow spots down the body. Spots on the head may be

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How to Find Salamanders. Salamanders are a type of amphibian that strongly resemble lizards, but these creatures are quite different from lizards! These amphibians

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